Inferences That Can be Made From Marketing Reports

Apr 22

Certain inferences can be made from marketing reports. The first inference that can be made from marketing reports is on which products are in great demand: those being products whose production (or procurement from suppliers) needs to be maintained at a higher level. The second inference that can be made from the marketing reports is on which advertising or...

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Two Schemes Under Which Production Reports Can be Generated

Mar 02

In organization that are involved in production operations (like, say, those that are in manufacturing businesses), it tends to be necessary for the top managers to get regular production reports. These are the reports on the basis of which strategic decisions can be made. The reports work in the same way as bank or card statements whose recipients are known to make...

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Categories of People With Whom Human Resource Reports are Shared

Feb 25

There are several categories of people with whom human resource reports are shared. The first category of people with whom human resource reports are shared is that of the production or operations managers. These need to see the said HR reports because their work depends on human resource deployments. When productivity levels go down, the operations managers can...

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Sharing Internal Corporate Reports Online

Feb 12

Situations sometimes arise, when people working in corporate settings decide to share Internal corporate reports online. Note that here, we are looking at internal reports: which are not meant to be seen by outsiders. We venture to look at ways in which this sort of sharing can be done. One approach to sharing internal corporate reports online is that which entails...

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Three Types of Reports That Bank Tellers Often Have to Produce at the End of the Day

Feb 03

There are some three types of reports that bank tellers often have to produce at the end of the day. The first type of reports that bank tellers often have to produce at the end of the day is that of reports on the numbers of transactions they handle. This also has an element of the nature of transactions handled: for instance, the number of direct deposit...

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Three Ways In Which Line Managers Send Reports to the Executives Managers

Jan 15

One of the main things that line managers have to do on a regular basis is send reports to the executive managers. There are three ways in which they typically do so. The first way in which line managers often send reports to the executive managers is by email. Upon generating a report, a line manager may then log onto Gmail using the relevant credentials,...

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Key Things to Focus On When Preparing a Report

Dec 28

The nature of most people’s work is such that it revolves around preparing reports. That being the case, a post on the key things to focus on when preparing a report would be viewed as a relevant post by many such people. Firstly, when preparing a report, you need to focus on accuracy. Secondly, when preparing a report, you need to focus on timeliness. Thirdly, when...

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Qualities of Good Report Generation Software

Dec 14

Good report generation software has certain qualities. Firstly, good report generation software is user-friendly. The person developing the software has to appreciate that some of the people who will be using it will not be techies (that is, technologically sophisticated folks). The software may, for instance, be deployed by the staff members at the Georgia local...

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Things You Should Pay Attention to When Skimming Through a Report

Dec 06

Sometimes, it happens that you receive a report at a time when you simply don’t have the time to go through it. In such cases, you are likely to consider skimming through the report (to get a general sense of it), with the objective of reading it fully later. We now venture to look at the things you should pay attention to when skimming through a report. The first...

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Two Ways in Which Project Managers Deal With the Report Generation Task

Dec 01

One of the tasks that project managers have to deal with on a regular basis is that of generating reports. The reports are then given to the owners of the projects, who are subsequently able to see what progress is being made on their projects. The task is not always easy. In the final analysis, there are two ways in which project managers deal with this report...

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