Key Things to Focus On When Preparing a Report

Dec 28

The nature of most people’s work is such that it revolves around preparing reports. That being the case, a post on the key things to focus on when preparing a report would be viewed as a relevant post by many such people.

Firstly, when preparing a report, you need to focus on accuracy.

Secondly, when preparing a report, you need to focus on timeliness.

Thirdly, when preparing a report, you need to focus on confidentiality. You need to remember that entities are always trying to gather intelligence about other entities. Thus, the mode you use to send your report should be one that is hard to infiltrate. For instance, instead of using an email based on your web hosting account, you may end up being inclined to push the relevant buttons to be in a position to send the report as a Ymail attachment. In this case, the report will may still be skimmed by the intelligence people (or, at least, by their computers). But you can be sure that unless you are a state saboteur, they won’t bother with you. They are not in competition with your business. You can’t compare that with a situation where you send it using a local email solution, where it can be intercepted by people on the local network, who actually have the motive to sabotage you (or to leak the report to a competitor).

Finally, when preparing a report, you need to focus on comprehensiveness. It is possible to have a report that is accurate, but not comprehensive enough. That is risky, because in the fullness of time, you can end up being accused of withholding important information.

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