Qualities of Good Report Generation Software

Dec 14

Good report generation software has certain qualities.

Firstly, good report generation software is user-friendly. The person developing the software has to appreciate that some of the people who will be using it will not be techies (that is, technologically sophisticated folks). The software may, for instance, be deployed by the staff members at the Georgia local community action agencies that give people cash assistance and permanent supportive housing to assess those who qualify for such services. Naturally, these staff members will be social workers, economists and so on: with only the most basic tech skills. The software should be designed in such a way as to ensure that they can still use it with ease.

Secondly, good report generation software is secure.

Thirdly, good report generation software is reliable. It would be very bad to end up with a program that is capable of giving two different results based on the same input!

Thirdly, good report generation software is fast (in terms of the speed with which it works). Ideally, it should be able to generate reports spontaneously: such that there is no delay between when a command is made and when a report is rendered. Much, of course, depends on hardware performance, but the software should be optimized as far as possible.

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