Two Schemes Under Which Production Reports Can be Generated

Mar 02

In organization that are involved in production operations (like, say, those that are in manufacturing businesses), it tends to be necessary for the top managers to get regular production reports. These are the reports on the basis of which strategic decisions can be made. The reports work in the same way as bank or card statements whose recipients are known to make major strategic decisions on the basis of.

The first scheme under which production reports can be generated is the one where the reports are created in real time, as the production processes take place. This is the most preferred approach, especially given the fact that corrective measures can be taken, when problems are noted in the reports. There are processes where real-time reports can be made, and processes where real-time reports are extremely hard to come up with.

The second scheme under which production reports can be generated is that in which the reports are created at the end of production processes. If, for instance, we are looking at a garment factory, the reports are ultimately generated at the end of the day, indicating how many garments have ultimately been produced from the respective production lines. But it is not possible to keep up, and  come up with real-time reports as the various stitching operations are done.

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