Two Ways in Which Project Managers Deal With the Report Generation Task

Dec 01

One of the tasks that project managers have to deal with on a regular basis is that of generating reports. The reports are then given to the owners of the projects, who are subsequently able to see what progress is being made on their projects. The task is not always easy. In the final analysis, there are two ways in which project managers deal with this report generation task.

The first way in which project managers deal with the task of generating reports is by doing it directly: that is, by undertaking it by themselves. This approach is used by managers who don’t want to take chances, or by managers faced with a situation where they have to generate and issue extremely sensitive reports. The managers may get inputs from their juniors, but they are the ones who do the actual report generation.

The second way in which project managers deal with the task of generating project reports is by delegating it. So they have some of the assistants working under them create the reports. But in most cases, the project managers still have to take final responsibility for the reports. So, although their juniors generate the reports, it is they themselves who check the reports finally and sign them, before the said reports are passed onto the owners of the projects.

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